In Conversation: Kirsten Hinder X Nordic Art Agency Podcast

"A lot of creators wish that they could include more layers to an artwork ... things that are part of the story and provenance but sometimes get lost in translation - that's one thing that these new technologies can offer."

- Kirsten Hinder

NfinityMark Co-Founder, Kirsten Hinder, in conversation with Juliet Rees-Nilsson on the Nordic Art Agency Podcast!


Kirsten Hinder sat down with Juliet Rees-Nilsson, Gallery Owner & Art Consultant at Nordic Art Agency, for her newest podcast episode to share some insights on how technology can be a valuable tool for analogue artists looking to keep pace with the booming digital art scene.


Kirsten unpacks all things Art + Tech, including the use of NFTs and the Blockchain in the digital art space, Nfinitymark’s art tagging system & how artists, galleries and collectors can benefit from these new technologies.


Interested in hearing more about how NfinityMark is helping artists bridge this gap between the physical and digital?


Check out the full podcast episode on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Sticher & Amazon Music or listen at: https://www.nordicartagency.com/podcast

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