Gaia EverWorld plans NFT sale, airdrop by the end of October

Gaia EverWorld plans NFT sale, airdrop by the end of October

Gaia EverWorld is coming closer to its nonfungible token (NFT) sale, and the platform is planning an airdrop for the end of October 2021. Gaia EverWorld is a fully immersive blockchain-based video game that allows players to own in-game characters called Gaias, as well as other in-game items.

The game is a multi-realm world where players can participate in numerous kinds of game modes including Legion Mode and Adventure Mode. The Gaias exist as NFTs and can become more powerful as they gain experience in the game.

Gaia EverWorld is planning to sell its NFTs on Oct. 10 at 2 pm UTC. For more information about the NFT sale, please check the game’s website at: www.gaiaworld.com   

Gaia EverWorld is coming soon

Gaia EverWorld is a hybrid gaming model that draws from games like Pokemon or Clash of Clans. As a blockchain-based game, players have a much larger share of the in-game items, and can actually breed their own Gaias.

The game contains many unique realms, and each area will give its inhabitants special characteristics that will add to the overall fun of the game. PVP Legion Mode will allow players to gain experience and add value to their Gaias.

In addition to NFTs, the game has an in-game currency which is called Gaia Growth Potion, or GGP. The token can be used to buy items in the game or to breed Gaias. In addition, it will be freely tradable in many decentralized exchanges, so it could become a popular financial token on its own.

The GAIA airdrop

Anyone who has Unilayer tokens will receive 0.25 GAIA tokens per 1 Unilayer when the snapshot is made on October 31. The company is excited to support early adopters with this airdrop, and it is a great way to get into the Gaia EverWorld ecosystem.

In addition, the Gaia Elite Club is now open, and anyone who wants to learn more about how to join the club can visit the site: www.gaiaeliteclub.com 

When a person owns a Gaia NFT, they will be able to enter the Gaia Elite Club, and also have the ability to buy exclusive Gaia Merch. With so much on offer for Gaia NFT owners, the upcoming NFT sale will likely be in demand.

Gaia EverWorld will allow players to make connections while they play, both in the game and in the Gaia Elite Club. With so many great ways to enjoy Gaia EverWorld and the community, the platform will likely build a solid base in the blockchain gaming industry.

Gaia EverWorld

Gaia EverWorld is a blockchain-based gaming space that allows players to own and use NFTs in a fully immersive gaming environment. The game will be coming to the marketplace soon and is being developed by a highly experienced team.

In addition to the Gaia NFTs, the game also uses the GAIA governance token, as well as the GGP token as an in-game currency. All of these tokens can be owned by the players. The long term goal of the game is to be community run, with the GAIA token acting as a way to build consensus on the network.

The game play in Gaia EverWorld is based around Gaias and their adventures in the many realms of Gaia EverWorld. Players can choose which realm they want to live in and build up a place for their Gaias.

For players, the goal of the game is to build the strongest Legion of Gaias and gain tokens from adventures in Gaia EverWorld. This is the play-to-earn aspect of Gaia EverWorld, and the game allows players to make an income from their activities.

To learn more about Gaia EverWorld, please visit its website: www.gaiaworld.com

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