Authenticate & secure physical artworks with NFT

Nfinitymark helps you create an NFT certificate of authenticity for physical artworks. This builds the credibility and trust needed to succeed as an Artist or Gallerist in today’s marketplace.

How it works

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Sign Up & Order Tags

Download the Artoken Creator's App. Create an account and order your Artoken tags.


Secure digital record of provenance.

Secure Provenance

Create a complete record of provenance for each Artwork and save to your digital archive.


Digital certificate of authenticity for artworks

Certify & Mint Artworks

Use the in-app minting service to create NFTs and secure your Artworks on the Blockchain.


Send NFT certificate of authenticity for artwork to collectors

Sell & Push

Push NFTs of sold works to collectors. They can see/manage their records in the Collector's App.

Why Nfinitymark?


Our unique system of tagging Artoken© provides the missing link for bridging the analogue and digital art worlds.


Create a digital certificate that authenticates your artworks and secures provenance before they enter the market.


Our user-friendly (in-App) service allows you to mint your artworks, which adds value to originals and positions them nicely for a digital future.


Protect the value of your artworks by securing their authorship, ownership, and provenance on the Blockchain.


Helpful management tools to support your artistic practice or business, giving you greater autonomy and flexibility.

“I love that my practice

can remain analogue,

while I benefit from

the new possibilities

that Artoken brings.”

Join vanguard artists
already trusting our

"Artoken gives my work a new dimension, preparing them for the future . . .
My practice stays analogue, while each work benefits from a digital identity, and the new opportunities that brings."


Artoken is the name of our system of digital tagging / tokenisation. We use Artoken to authenticate physical artworks and connect them to a unique digital record of provenance.

Our products benefit Artists, Art Dealers, Institutions, Auction Houses and Collectors.
However, since they have been developed as a means to authenticate artworks, the recommended usage is for individuals authorised to authenticate an artwork, including Artists, Art Dealers (on behalf the artist) and Auction Houses.

Securing artworks with an Artoken is a means of securing authorship, ownership and provenance. By adding a digital layer to physical artworks, we secure their value and give them currency in an increasingly digitised future. This will open up new possibilities in Metaverses to come.

A digital record is similar to a digital certificate of authenticity. It verifies the origin, authorship and ownership of the artwork and hosts important information relating to the artwork’s materiality. The record gets updated when the artwork passes from one owner to the next.

No – You can still make an account without adding a Wallet ID during registration; However, some functions in the App will not be available.

Our Creator’s and Collector’s apps are Free to download, create an account, and use basic functions including creating and transferring your digital Artwork.

To activate the in-app NFT minting service, there is a one-time fee of US$14.99, which allows you to mint your Artworks directly to a Metamask wallet.

Our Artoken tags are sold individually for 50 EUR per tag and come ready to prepare your work for the future. Please contact us for more information on bulk order pricing.

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